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By Hoffmaster Dental
November 22, 2021
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Today, there are many options for patients in need of tooth restoration. Implants are a great option for those dealing with missing, damaged, or decayed teeth. If you are considering dental implants in York, PA, you likely have questions concerning the procedure and if implants are appropriate for your age group. Dr. Robert Hoffmaster at Hoffmaster Dental can help you better understand this dental procedure. Keep reading to learn more. 

What Are Implants?

Implants are a type of restorative dental procedure used to replace missing, damaged, or decayed teeth. Implants can be considered permanent false teeth. A rod is surgically inserted into the jaw bone and the new tooth is added to the top of the rod. This tooth is shaped and colored to match your existing teeth. Implants give patients the opportunity to restore their smiles permanently. 

What Is The Best Age For Implants?

Dental implants in York, PA can be a great option for many patients. However, it is recommended that a patient be over 18 years old before considering this procedure. The reason for this is that there can still be much jawbone growth in older children and teens. In fact, some patients should wait even into their 20s before considering this option. If you are under 25, your dentist will evaluate the growth of your particular face and jawbone to determine whether or not this will be a good choice for you. Depending on your face shape, jawbone growth can continue into the mid-20s age range for some people.

Implants are not recommended until all jawbone growth is complete because implants are inserted into the jawbone. This could cause complications later on if done too soon. 

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