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By Hoffmaster Dental
December 09, 2021
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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Getting the smile of your dreams can sometimes involve more than just brushing and flossing regularly. When you really want to take the appearance of your teeth to the next level, you may want to consider teeth whitening in York, PA. Dr. Robert Hoffmaster at Hoffmaster Dental can help you with dental improvements. Keep reading to learn more about our services.

What Causes Teeth Staining?

Over time, teeth can become stained. This can be a result of foods, drinks, and even medications that are consumed. Smoking can have a big impact on the coloration of your teeth. Teeth can also change color with age. Regardless of the causes, most forms of teeth staining can be improved with teeth whitening in York, PA.

Benefits of Whitening

Professional whitening is a safe procedure that is normally safe for most patients. Young children may not be good candidates for this procedure, however. You will want to discuss with the dentist any concerns you have.

Whitening can improve your smile and increase your confidence. Whitening is also a great procedure to consider if you have already had dental work. Whitening is a wonderful finishing touch for your dental improvements.

How Is Whitening Done?

In most cases, teeth whitening in York, PA, will be done with the use of specially formulated peroxide solutions. Whitening can be done either in-office or in the comfort of your home. In-office whitening consists of a professional-grade strength peroxide get being applied to your teeth. Your mouth will be protected from the get with the use of a protective barrier. The gel is left on for about an hour and then carefully removed.

If you choose a take-home method, the solution will be applied to your teeth using a whitening tray. When the whitening is done, your teeth will be thoroughly rinsed and your dentist will be able to advise you if future sessions will be needed.

How To Avoid Future Staining?

In order to make the most of your whitening, you will want to care for your teeth properly. You should avoid foods and drinks which can lead to staining. These can include coffee, dark soda, and other dark substances. If you are a smoker, you should consider kicking this habit. When you quit smoking you will improve your overall health and improve the appearance of your teeth.

If you would like to learn more about our services or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact Dr. Hoffmaster at Hoffmaster Dental by calling (717) 846-9428.

By Hoffmaster Dental
February 28, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Why does your smile look darker now than it did ten years ago? Your enamel actually absorbs organic matter, changing your tooth color teeth whiteningand how you feel about your smile. Would you like to brighten it safely, quickly and dramatically? Then, come to Hoffmaster Dental in York, PA, for a professional teeth whitening consultation with Dr. Robert Hoffmaster. As his name implies, he's a master at enhancing smile appearance and can help you achieve a great look.

No two smiles are alike

Nor should they be. We are, after all, individuals with smiles that express our unique personalities. In fact, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry says that people notice your smile before they see your hair color, height, or other physical attributes. That's how important your teeth are to your self-image and confidence.

Unfortunately, your teeth actually trap staining material from:

  • Cigarette smoke and chewing tobacco
  • Dark beverages such as sports drinks, coffee, tea, and colas
  • Dark foods such as soy sauce and curry
  • Accumulated plaque and tartar from neglected oral hygiene
  • Some prescription medications such as antihistamines and antihypertensives

Additionally, your teeth naturally yellow and become dull with age. However, with professional teeth whitening in York you may lift that dark look right out of your smile.

Who can get their teeth whitened?

Teens and adults who have healthy gums, no decay and limited restorations likely are candidates. When you visit Hoffmaster Dental, your dentist will examine your teeth and gums and take some X-rays to be sure all is well. Then, you can choose either in-office or at-home whitening.

How it works

Both methods use concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel. In the office, your dentist protects your gums and lips with a rubber dam and then swabs on the gel. It penetrates your tooth enamel as you relax in the dental chair. When it's rinsed off, teeth are brighter by eight shades of color in just about an hour.

With at-home whitening, you elect to wear custom-made acrylic trays which fit snugly over your teeth. You fill them with the peroxide gel and wear them daily as Dr. Hoffmaster directs. The results are the same as in-office whitening: you're able to say goodbye to those stubborn dental stains.

To keep a whitened smile bright, stop tobacco in all forms, limit dark foods and drinks and brush and floss thoroughly every day. Also, visit Hoffmaster Dental semi-annually for check-ups, cleanings and occasional whitening touch-ups as needed.

Why wait?

You can have a great, bright smile soon! Call Hoffmaster Dental in York, PA, for your whitening consultation: (717) 846-9428.

By Bowser Dental Arts
September 30, 2016
Category: Oral Health

With 400 million cups consumed each day, coffee is a habit American people are more than willing to indulge. Unfortunately, coffee does come with some negative side effects, one of which is staining of the teeth. Dr. Michael Bowser, your dentist in York, PA, has further coffee stainsinformation about the staining properties of coffee and how to manage them.

Why does coffee stain teeth?

Among other components, coffee beans contain tannins, which are antioxidant molecules found in plants. While these molecules, known as polyphenols, are good for your health, they make it easier for the yellow-colored pigments in coffee to stick to your teeth. Since the enamel of your teeth has microscopic pits and grooves in it, these tannins have plenty of places to take up residence every time you drink a cup of coffee. Over time, this leads to discoloration of the teeth. In fact, dentists like Dr. Bowser have found that just one cup of coffee per day can result in noticeable staining.

How can I eliminate and prevent staining?

Giving up the coffee habit, for most people, isn't an option, so your dentist has some suggestions for how to lessen the staining effects:

  • Try to limit your coffee drinking to one specific time, instead of refilling your cup throughout the day.
  • Brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with water after drinking coffee.
  • Use a whitening toothpaste to keep surface stains at bay.
  • Stay current on regular cleanings at Bowser Dental Arts in York, PA.

Whitening treatments from your dentist are a great way to erase the effects of coffee that have built up over time. If you'd like more information about whitening, or any other dental procedure, we encourage you to contact Bowser Dental Arts in York, PA for more information...after you've finished that cup of coffee, of course.